wat does star sign above avtaar mean? i dont know plz help!!!

January 1, 2009 6:18am CST
hey i hav noticed the star sign above our photo or avtaar. wat does that actually mean. can anybody help me!!!!
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@maximax8 (27045)
1 Jan 09
If a My lot member has more than 100 posts listed to their user name then they are given a star with a number it in. Sometimes other My Lot users will have given a + or a - to each discussion started or responded to. That is how a My Lot user manages to have a star and it represents their reputation. The lowest star is 1 and the highest star is 10.
• India
1 Jan 09
thnx it rally helped me i was really not knowing this.
@maximax8 (27045)
1 Jan 09
You are welcome and it is great to become your friend. My Lot is excellent once a person gets used to it.
• Malaysia
2 Jan 09
Wow I see. Didn't know that. hehe. thank you. I see I have a good star I think. :P and looking nice too.
• United States
1 Jan 09
it means it is nighttime where you are when you see a star, it turns into a sunface when it is daytime! hehe =)