myLot finances - how do you change the amount specified for payout?

January 1, 2009 7:55am CST
Can anyone tell me how to change the amount specified for payout? I foolishly specified $100 for payout when I signed up. Obviously I may never reach this sum and even if I should eventually do so it is quite possible that myLot will have changed their payment strategies by that date! I cannot find anyway to change it retrospectively. Any ideas would be very welcome!
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• Japan
1 Jan 09
LOL! That will take you more than a year to make a payout. You can change it simply by going to your preferences (just at the top of the page), under the payment information tab and finally look at the bottom of the page where you will see Payment Minimum. I believe that's what you are looking for.
1 Jan 09
LOL: Yep minimum payment would seem to be about right! Thanks for your input! Not sure how much I will actually use my time for myLot given the remuneration levels!!! Maybe I will not get very close to the minimum payment even! However, I quite enjoy the forum so I guess I will continue to use it as and when it suits me without really worrying too much on the income side of things. In the meantime I am exploring other options. I'm quite critical with regard to most of what I see on the net but I have now - thank goodness - found at least one thing that seems to me to be fantastic - I say this because it provides the TOOLS to actually understand the processes involved and the tuition to help one to develop a robust skills base from which one should be able to make real progress. I've been feeling frustrated to date because so much of what is around seems to me scam like, shallow and not really growth producing in terms of my skills. Hmmmm. So much of my energy will now be directed to this aim with the view of building something rather more effective. I'm hoping that I can build something that allows me to feel a sense of self respect for the overall aims rather than something that is just intended to make money for the sake of making money. Need to feel a sense whereby I can retain some sense of personal integrity at the end of the day.