What is the best thing you have done one minute before 2008 end.

@mulau2u (1459)
January 1, 2009 8:28am CST
it is the simple question but i think it is very meaningful, there is a person end the last minute of 2008 with a last kiss to she or he partner because they will no longer be together any more. So if you have one of this story please share it here.
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@katemeow (848)
• Singapore
1 Jan 09
that sounds really sad but also a great way to end a relationship. at least it was done in a pleasant way anyway, i guess the best thing that i have done before 2008 ended was to spend time with old and new friends. I am away from my loved ones right now because I am abroad for work. I was feeling a bit sad but meeting new people is also good. I think this year I should be more open to new experiences and try to experience life more. Happy new year!
@mulau2u (1459)
• Malaysia
1 Jan 09
i am ending the 2008 at office lonely because i have to standby for the computer system.
• India
1 Jan 09
this is certaily an interesting question, onething that I did in the last minute was offering prayers to God to bless us a world with out terrorists. I thanked him for everything that is given to us . I pleaded him to kill all the bad and immediately establish peace for us. I strongly urged to help us and give us the world which does not at all have any illusion and all only good. thank you.