Ever seen a falling Star??....it brings good luck!!!!

@uditpanda (1024)
January 1, 2009 8:34am CST
falling star - the falling stars are nothing but extraterrestrial objects, that come too close to the earths gravitational field & get attracted by it . They enter the atmosphere with a lot of speed & end up burning themselves.
U may not believe me if i say so, but i have never seen a real falling star in my life. All that in my mind is pictures & videos of it. Actually I have never been that patient with the night sky...or may be unlucky a bit. We have a legend here that if u see a falling star it brings good luck to you & if u wish something at that time, it will come true. Have U ever seen a falling star in the sky?? & Do u believe in the good luck & wish theory associated with it??