Happiness = Family

January 1, 2009 8:47am CST
My first day of 2009 started with a surprise... I received a package! Opened it eagerly and found a pretty Snow Globe in it! I shake it, put it down and look at the 'snow flakes' floating around in that small round glass, the 'snow flakes' starts to settle down and I started the whole process by shaking it again. Went to an Old Folks Home in the evenings. My family and I went shopping for food stocks to be given to them before we went. We had a chat with an old man who was the fittest among the 10. He started telling us about the value of a family. He went on and on about it. He kept reminding my siblings and I to be filial to our parents and count our blessings for we are fortunate children. We probed about his children and he gave a short reply "he went missing". For that instant, there was a note of heartbreaking sadness in his tone. I came to understand the reason to his continuous preaching about the value of a family. While I enjoyed my days with a blissful family and life in a life as pretty as a snow globe, there is an old man thinking about his lost son, wishing for a complete family. I feel that there is a kind of happiness which one can only find in a family and this old man has lost it. We should really treasure the times with our family and value the happiness derived. What are your views about family happiness?
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• Malaysia
1 Jan 09
Money does not mean everything and it definitely cannot buy everything in this world including health and family. Same goes to career and job. You need them to survive but you should never neglect your family for them because if you lose a job, you can always find one if you are good enough. But if you lose a family member, there is no way you can get the same family member back even if you are good. The time spent with your family members are the time which can never be returned to you, it is your limited asset, an asset which cannot be renewed no matter how much you try and no matter how rich you are. Many people have lost their family members. The old man you met, and those who are caught in war. Yet, there are also many people out there who don't realize how fortunate they are and neglect their family members. They will always argue and quarrel with their family members. They take things for granted. Whenever I see such things happening before me, I will not be able to tolerate. If I know the person, I will tell him off and tell him that your family members will not be there with you forever. Cherish them. They are the most important asset you have since they are always there for you whenever you need them. They are more important than your houses, your cars, your money. They are your one and only family. And they are the one who can bring happiness to your life.
• Malaysia
2 Jan 09
I see that we hold similar views! I agree with what you said about time spent with family members can't be returned. Actually it's the same with every single second spent no matter where you are, who you're with or what you're doing. I'm treasuring my family even more now since I've stayed away from home. Really really realized how much comfort my home & family gives me! Thanks for your comment!