REsolution made on newyear 2009 and lessons learned before 2009????

January 1, 2009 10:38am CST
So, we have entered to the new year with lots of wishes and hopes in our hands ... we have lot of visions thinking of our future tell me frinzzzz wat r u the important resolutions made to be followed in this year and u'r greatest lessons that are not to be followed in this year wchich are learned from the last year......... Coming to me ,one of my resolution is to njoy every sec of it is very precious wat ever may be the situation unluck is with uuu itzz okkk i resoluted myselff that i never be depressed worried ruining my present ......rather then i will tryy hard n do the things into my favur which are yet to be lucky to mee.........I have learn't many much much morals in last year i never commit such mistakess again!!!!!!This going to be great year to me!!!!!! So frndzzz itz u'r turn share with all!!!!!
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