Ryan's Daughter

January 1, 2009 2:15pm CST
I recently watched this movie with my husband. It was an old film about an Irish woman who had an affair with a British soldier during WW1. The film was set in Ireland on the Dingle Peninsula. The girl was Rosy the daughter of a village publican Ryan. She was married to a school teacher but then later on becomes discontented with her marriage to him. One day the British major arrive. He had a crippled leg and suffers from shell shock. She had an affair with him. The affair was found out by the entire village. She was even accused of being a traitor who tipped the british soldier of the arms shipment for the local rebel group. The person who tipped off the British soldier was Rosy's father Ryan who didn't say anything when Rosy was accused. The villagers arrived at her house like a mob and started to strip her naked and sheared her hair. I was thinking that how many of us would say nothing because were afraid of what other people will say or do? I was thinking of the horrors a person will go through being stoned to death or being punished by something you did not do?
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