Highest Score In Bowling?

@sion316 (228)
January 1, 2009 6:24pm CST
What is your highest ever score in bowling. Was it over 200 and your proud of that. Or was it over 100 but your not a very good bowler so your happy with that achievement. Or have you managed to get the magic 300. If you managed a 300 do you remember your first 300 and what was it like?
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5 Mar 09
I've had several big games but the best so far is a 279. I left a solid 4 pin in the 6th frame after a shot drifted a board or so high. Shot 277 the week after too, with a ringing 10 in the 8th and a 4 9 in the 12th. I was pretty happy with the 279 as it earned be season high score for the Tuesday league and £30.
• United States
2 Mar 09
My average is around a 170 but i had one day wen i felt lik nothing could stop me and i hit 5 200+ games in a row... wit scores of 212, 232, 254, 258, and 221.... the 258 stands to be my highest score still. It felt great to be hitting the pocket everytime i would virtually just let go of the ball.. felt very natural :]
@beefers1 (64)
• United States
8 Feb 09
I was extremely happy when I got my 244, but unfortunately my next best score is only 214. I've just started taking bowling somewhat seriously in the last year, and so 200 games are still a rarity for me. I believe my best scores are: 244 (clean), 214, 210 (clean), 205 (x2), 202, 199, 197, 196. My average is 150 and I often go into the 170's but rarely break the 190 mark.
@K46620 (1996)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I got an awesome 247 game on 4/15/08. It is closely followed by my second best game of 246. I'm definitely going for a 300, but it will be awhile before that happens. My lowest recorded score is, shamefully, 58; but that was back when I was just getting started.
• Guatemala
8 Jan 09
For me it was awesome to shot 279 with a bitter-sweet 9th shot that was as good as the other 11 but left a 10-pin, so it could have been a perfect 300. With no-tap 9 mode I have two 300 games that granted me a nice cash prize for the holidays.
@JanMags (726)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
i don't remember my highest score but i do remember that i bowled so badly that i almost failed physical education class. my team leader, out of pity did not report my real score to our teacher