Have you ever seen a photo of a friend on a PTC site?

United States
January 1, 2009 8:00pm CST
I do a lot of PTC sites and PTR sites. I was shocked the other day when one popped up and I swear there is a photo of an ex-friend of mine. I say ex-friend because I use to like him until I had to work for him and found out how lazy he was. Now I click on an ad and see his face or someone who could be his twin on the site. OH NO I would never join that site if this was really him. What do you think about the people's photos on the PTC sites? Do some of the photos turn you off from reading the ads? I will tell you I have seen some of the photos and I swear to you the people look high would you join that organization where the person in the ad looks high?
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