lacking money

January 1, 2009 8:33pm CST
what can i do if i can not afford to buy a hand-held computer and no part-time job suits me
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@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
2 Jan 09
firstly, why do you need a laptop? Is it very crucial? If you do need one, you might want to start by saving your pocket money or you might want to ask a loan from your parents or relatives. Someone who is willing to allow you to owe them till you're able to repay. I won't count on trying to earn online, because it does take alot of effort and sometimes the returns are slow. I would say earning online (if that's what you have in mind) is really just an extra (minimal) pocket money for you to eat out.
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@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
2 Jan 09
The question is how bad you need that hand-held computer? What for you need that? I guess there is this big question of need and want. If you need it badly, and you want too much to have that hand-held computer, then you will definitely find a way acquiring that. Is having this computer a matter of life to you? Is it the only thing you need in this time? Be careful also with the things you want to have, what I mean is you said you can't afford and you don't have a part time job, and this is not a cheap gadget you want here... how about the necessary things you need in your life? Will you be able to support those? Okey, let's say you are able to get this gadget, can it feed your family? Will it make your school expenses lesser? Will it give you extra income after? You can't just sit there and wait for it to knock on your door. I guess step one is to find ways how you can start saving for that. Make it as a reward for yourself. There is always a way, there will always be a way. If you can't find one part time job, then why not start a little business, make things and then sell them. Or just keep looking for a part time job, just give it time. Good luck to you. :)