United States
January 1, 2009 11:38pm CST
Does anyone ever think about why you are really here? Have we nothing to do, are we bored with our own like, are we lonley, do we have a need to converse, what is really the problem that we have to talk to a machine instead of going out and having a real social life and taalk to real people...for me I must be nuts...the laundry couldn't get any bigger, and as for the money...there is no fortune to be made here...writing songs would earn more. So what is up my lotters. What is really going on here. Recluse is the word for most...isn't it?
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@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
2 Jan 09
Hi jordan~Is that what you think? Well, I guess maybe you are right. I have been doing alot of thinking today myself. I am very disappointed in one of my "real" friends. She claims that she is my "best" friend yet she hasn't even taken the time to pick up the phone and wish me Happy New Year! And when I do call her she has no time to speak to me! She is always too busy with everyone else! So I have decided that I will write her a letter, since I can't even seem to speak to her on the phone anymore and tell her exactly how I feel. I no longer wish to bother to fight for friendships in my life. I have let plenty of friends "go" for different reasons so I have no problem letting another go too. And maybe I do prefer to talk to this machine instead of bothering with the phoniness in the "real" world! It doesn't seem to matter anyway!
• United States
3 Jan 09
I have been exactly where you are. After a sister type friendship of 47 yrs my "best friend" if there really is such a thing came into my work place after she retired from her job an really drove me to the brink. It took me 2 yrs to figure out what she was doing. I then retired and left it to her and all her glory. She was not the person that I ever knew. I now keep friendships at a distance and trust God alone. We come into this world alone and go out for in between I really believe we can have friends at an arms length because people hurt other people. After all we are only human.
@neuronic (242)
• Japan
5 Jan 09
You are thinking too much. Some people here enjoy talking to others, some are here for the little money (one stream of income), and some are wasting their time because they have nothing better to do.
• United States
2 Jan 09
i like learning and talking about all kinds of subjects.. i like the money i make here because i cant work due to some health probs and it pays for my phone bill at least.. i like the internet itself because i can keep in touch with all my friends since everyone has moved all over and its impossible for me to keep in touch otherwise.. and its cheap entertainment lol
@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
Hi there Jordan! To be honest, I am here to earn money. And that is to earn money while I'm just here in our internet shop and earning money along doing other things like researching, doing typing jobs, downloading and sometimes, playing games.