My dream last night--vampire

January 2, 2009 1:05am CST
Last night I dreamed about vampire. With a group of people for camping, I come to a wood. There was really beautiful. Air was so clean. A mom took her baby in her arms But our car broke down for lack of gasoline. There lay only a railway through the wood.So we decided to search around for people to help. A few miles away we found a small village and some factories. The workers shared their food with us. At this time a few strong vampires jumped out and we fighted them. But soon some of us bled from their eyes. That was sign they were bited and they would become vampires too. We ran to the railway when combatting with them. Some soldiers jumped down from a helicopter and joined the battle.But some of them died under the vampires' claws. We still kept running. Suddenly the railway became a river and a boat came toward. I was the last one jumping on the boat struggling against the holding of a vampire and we drove away the shore throwing off the vampires. Finally we were safe! Then I woke up.
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@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
5 Jan 09
Wow thanks for sharing this dream because I'm a pretty big fan of reading both dreams and nightmares as well as story's about vampires. It sounds like this dream was pretty intense it sounds pretty vivid as well. Keep on dreaming.
• China
4 Feb 09
So sorry for long time no answering. I always dream day and nitht even in the toilet,sounds funny aha?Except dreaming itself,I am especially curious about its principle.But it is still a puzzle till now. PS: Happy Spring Festival!