If you were me,will you feel embrassed?

January 2, 2009 3:12am CST
Hello,everyone. Iam really depressed and embrassed on NewYear's Day(yesterday). I went to buy some eggs, but I have never thought the eggs that the middle aged woman sold were so large,and nearly half a kilo by several ones.But the problem is that I did not take much money with me at that time,I just left several coins in my pocket.I was afraid they were overweight and I couldn't afford,and at the same time,they are a little dirty.so I changed the big ones with the small and cleanones.....When I did this, the woman was angry and she asked me to go out and said that I was so critic....You cannot image my feelings at that time, I really want to cry at that time,there were so many people passed by that I was quite shy .you know,I am just a 22-year-old girl.I have never met such problems before. My dear friend,have you ever met such problems? What will your feelings?
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@DJ_Slone (62)
• United States
2 Jan 09
perhaps I don't understand the misunderstanding, but I don't see your fault. Sometimes people misunderstand you and they get angry, but sometimes, when it's just strangers that you come into contact with perhaps only once in your lifetime, there's sometimes nothing you can do but try to forget about it. Life is too short (even for someone as young as you) to be worrying about such small troubles.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
Hi there Jasmine! Well, I am not a shy type of person and I am the kind of person who really talks back when I know that I did nothing wrong. If that situation happened to me, I will be angry too and I will try to maintain respect especially since the woman is older but I will explain my side and apologize if I made her feel that way but that's not what I am intending to do.