Different Personalities in Cats

@chulce (1540)
United States
January 2, 2009 4:48am CST
We live with 3 cats. As they have grown with our family we have noticed how each one is so different. It amazes me the personalities inside each one of them. Our oldest cat is grouchy and likes to yell at us. When she wants attention, she lets you know by getting in the middle of what ever you are working on. Our middle cat, likes to be lazy, she is a big girl, she loves to eat. It was quite interesting one time. She became very sick last year, lost a ton of weight, when she became healthy again, she seemed happy to be able to move around again and just seemed to love her new thin body. But then several months later, she packed on the weight once again. She seems happier now and loves to lounge around. She is extremely attached to my oldest son. Our youngest cat, is more like a dog in many ways. She hangs out with our dogs, goes outside and plays with the dogs. She does like to catch and play with things. There are times when we will see her with a bird in her mouth. She doesn't catch them to eat them, she catches them to play with them. She plays until they are dead. She is affectionate with all of us. How different are your cats?
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