How was your first day of the new year?

United States
January 2, 2009 5:58am CST
Mine was long, way too long. Kind of like this post LOL. Started out fine, great even cause I slept through the first 10 hours or so. After I woke up and my husband asked me if I was going out is when the problems started. Originally I said I was, then he turned on the TV and we saw how cold it was and I quickly changed my mind and got right back in bed. Then he told me that he had to go out and do a few things and that I was coming with him whether I wanted to or not. He was joking of course cause he would never force me to do anything, but we played around for a bit and got dressed and headed out the door. That is when the real trouble began. The first stop was at his work place. He drives roll off trucks and had to pick up a box and put it on his back, should have taken him all of 5 minutes. Nope..... He started to pick up the box and had it at a 45 degree angle when the hydrolic line busted, spilling 60 gallons of hydrolic oil (the oil had just been filled) all over the ground and giving him a whole lot more work than he bargained for. Now he had to call the man who does maintenance on the trucks, who was at home cause nobody was working on New Years Day and get him to come all the way to work, get the box off his truck and onto another truck and then clean up the entire 60 gallons of oil. About 45 minutes after we got there he stopped what he was doing with the truck and came back to our car and took me up to WalMart so I could get some things we talked about and went back to the job. I walked around Wal-Mart -- slowly -- and got what I needed, walked up and down aisles and in sections I knew I needed nothing in to try and kill time and finally checked out. I called my husband when I was checking out and let him know I was done and went outside and waited, and waited and waited. An hour and a half later he finally finished with work and came and got me and we went home. Not how I wanted to spend the day but it ended pretty good. I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, caramelized onions, gravy and biscuits for dinner. My first day of the new year started OK, ended OK, but the middle was a bit rough. Oh and I have to go back to the store.....I forgot diapers! How was yours?
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@leeapollo (611)
• China
2 Jan 09
lol. you have a long day. my first day is just ok. just as others days. they have no different. happy mylotting.
@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
2 Jan 09
I am sorry you had such an lousy day. My new years day didn't go the way i planned but wasn't bad. I just spent the day hanging out with friends. It ended in unexpected fireworks. So not bad.