no more IV for me!!!! yippeee!!! praise God!

January 2, 2009 7:32am CST
okay, many of you know that i have been hospitalized twice last december. but on december 26, i was discharged from the hospital, only that i have my IV with me, along with the dextrose, because i needed my medication for pain to be administered intravenously. the oral and IM meds don't work to relieve pain. then we learned about heplock. heplock covers the IV, but i wouldn't need the dextrose. it is just the tube in my vein just so i could have the medicines administered there. it just has to be flushed every so often so that the opening wouldn't close. we used saline solution for flushing. it was fine. but i still could not use my left hand much... anyway, today, january 2, 2009, i am already supposed to have my IV canula changed coz it has been on the same vein for the last 10 days. but since i haven't had painful attacks since dec. 28, i asked my doctor if i could have it removed. she okay'ed it. and so my husband and i went to the hospital and had the IV removed! oh i am soooo thankful!!! i am free!!! hehehe free to work and type already... well, i can't really move around much, as i am still advised to stay put so as to protect my pregnancy. but still, this is sooo much of an improvement and i thank God for it. thank you all for your prayers. i am still on medication for the ureteral stone, as i am not sure where it is. but well, thankfully, it has not been causing me pain for several days already. and that is definitely and improvement. take care all and God bless you! happy new year! :-)
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2 Jan 09
So glad you are one the mend and on your way to being healthy again. I am also glad they were able to take your IV out. I was in the hospital in October/November, so I know how horrible those things can be, especially if you want to or are mobile. I pray you don't have any more problems. Blessings to you.