Second Trimester - Underweight

January 2, 2009 11:52am CST
I am 14 weeks pregnant. I was 10 pounds underweight before I came to know that I was carrying. In the first trimester, due to severe vomiting and nausea, I lost 8 pounds more. And doctor told me that I've to gain atleast 15-20 pounds in second trimester or else it might harm my baby. But I am neither able to eat nor drink anything. I would be glad if anyone could suggest any recipes that increase my weight and also which is healthy to my baby.
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2 Jan 09
With my first daughter it was very hard for me to gain any weight and I was sick all the time. I lost a bunch during the first trimester and during the second I finally put back on a little but was not even back to my normal weight. The day before she was born I had managed to gain eighteen pounds but that was including gaining back what I had lost. She was a very healthy baby but it took a lot out of me since I wasn't. My doctor told me that she would get whatever she needed from me and it was more harmful to my health than hers. They put me on boost protein shakes and they tasted very bad but after awhile I got to where I could get one daown really fast and keep it down so I would try to do that two or three times a day.
2 Jan 09
Thanks for reply. I am not able to drink water or take any other liquids. My parents who stay in a different country asked me to drink milk as that gives enough calcium. But I stopped drinking milk since 3 months due to vomiting. I have to see still for how many more days, I have to be like this.
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• Malaysia
2 Jan 09
You should have a diet high in essential nutrients especially folate (folic acid), iron, calcium and essential fatty acids. Good sources of folate includes dark leafy green vegetables, asparagus, ladies finger, lentils, beans. Iron you can get from spinach, bitter gourd, dried tofu, lean meat, chicken, anchovies, whole grains. Calcium from milk, yogurt, broccoli. Essential fatty acids from flax seed, borage oil and oily fishes like herring, mackerel and salmon. Play around with these ingredients and make simple recipes of your own. Do smaller portions but five to six time a day.