Water, Elixir of Life

@vindiku (256)
January 2, 2009 12:19pm CST
We can stay hungry for days with only water as intake, but without water is difficult to survive. Water, its truly a life provider. About 75% of human body contains water and about 85% of our brain's weight is of water, the blood which is rushing through our veins contains about 92% of water. Really, water plays an important role in our life. Drinking a plenty of water helps our body to remove many unwanted materials from our body with much more efficiency. It is recommended that we drink 8 eight ounces glass of water "which is pure" per day and i urge all of you to do so. But Water, the so called "Elixir of Life" could make negative impact if its not pure. Water can be easily contaminated. Basically, water gets contaminated from pesticides, fertilizers, inappropriately disposed toxic chemicals, harmful microbes, parasites, etc. There are certain other forms of contamination, which can prove fatal to any living organisms. So, drink water regularly. NO; DRINK ONLY PURE WATER REGULARLY. Make this an Oath and convey this message to everyone you know, Happy New Year to you all.
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@liisafiat (660)
• Latvia
2 Jan 09
Clean water is very good for health, as it helps to clean our body from all type of dirts and toxins...BUT....There is not much clean water left. Even when I see a `wild` river somewhere in the mountains or forest: I see plastic bottles `swimming and enjoying` the pure water. And every time when we use Shampoos and soaps: do we realize WHERE DOES THAT ALL sh*tt go to?? I guess we are enjoying killing ourselves at some point. Or- first shall the weakest ones die, then I will find a way how to save my a*s. But thanks for the advice, dude.
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@vindiku (256)
• India
3 Jan 09
Hey that's a good comment you have made. Its a fact that since the evolution of human race, we human have done everything that we could to destroy the natural beauty nature. We being the dominant race, with the ability think has never made anything that will help to support the nature, water is only one of the element among them. Thank you for your comment
@parleg (52)
• India
23 Jan 09
Well we need water to survive. Its interesting how the Bushmens survives in the Kalahari desert.So its important to conserve water and better close taps properly!!