God vs Karma. Who believes in what.

January 2, 2009 3:35pm CST
Belief in god is justified till the time we have good karma. We cant expect doing bad deeds and gasping onto faith in god to help us. So karma is what decides what happens to up in future. Mylotters i want you all to share ur opinion on this topic.
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• Philippines
3 Jan 09
hi! Even God told us to do unto others what we want others to do unto us. love our neighbors as we love ourselves. so doing bad to others will mean that we can expect others to do bad to us also. even science explained it, for every action there is an equal reaction.
• Lubbock, Texas
2 Jan 09
OK. Here's my belief. God created the entire universe and ordered it so that it was in complete harmony. Then he created man. He gave man free will, he doesn't have to follow the order of the universe, but it's in his best interest. When he doesn't follow the order of the universe, something gets out of kilter and the universe manages to bring back to man the things he's done that are against its perfect order. So there's really no contest. God is God, he created the universe and the universe objects to man not following it's perfect order. This is Karma. You believe in God, you worship God, but because you're fallible, you commit errors. God will forgive you if you ask, but you've already set some things in the universe against you and Karma will come back to haunt you in spite of Gods forgiveness.