what does it mean to be in the "year of the earth ox?"

@reject (95)
January 2, 2009 9:45pm CST
Anyone here knowledgeable about chinese feng shui? What does it mean to be in the "year of the earth ox?" Any advice as to how to make 2009 more auspicious? Thanks!
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@yxinxin (466)
• China
3 Jan 09
I don't know very much although I am Chinese. Only Fengshui masters know very well. If we want to know if the place we live or do something is in good fengshui, we have to go to a fengshui master. Pay him and he will tell you everything. I only know Feng means wind and Shui means water in Chinese. Wind and water meand the environment. It can affect people's life, fortune and everything. Ancient Chinese people chose twelve animals to represent the year,rat,ox,tiger,rabbit,dragon,snake,horse,sheep,monkey,chicken,dog,and pig. This year,the year 2009 is the year of ox.
@reject (95)
• Philippines
3 Jan 09
okey dokey... I ask because I'm in dire need of luck; the good kind...LOL