How demanding are you?

January 3, 2009 12:49am CST
Are you very demanding? Do you demand your partner do certain things for you? Well, for me. Being a girl, i expect that a guy not make me wait for him if you're going on a date. I don't need you to be there half an hour in advance to wait for me but at least be punctual. If i can make it a point to be punctual i don't see why can't you. I don't expect you to open the doors for me, but it'd be nice to have you treat me like a princess. If we're going out for a "date", i don't expect you to foot the bill but please don't be calculative over a few cents. It just spoils everything. I'd pay you back later in private man. Can't you see that i'm giving you "Face" in front of the waitress? And i don't expect you to carry my tote bag, but you could help me carry my heavy shopping bags. And stop complaining about how i spend my money. I'm not even married to you yet buddy! These are the few issues me and my girlfriends have come up with. What about you? What do you want from your guy or girl?
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• India
3 Jan 09
lol, well..being a gurl, even i want my guy to be punctual when we are planning to meet up and the most important thing is he should listen to me carefully if i am telling him something, espically when talking over phone, i hate when somebody talks to me while watching tv because he is more concentrated on wathing tv rather then listening to me, that is something that really annoys me. Thats all what we both noticed.
• Singapore
3 Jan 09
oh yes... i know what you mean. it's frustrating to talk to a guy when he is pre-occupied & gives you those one word answers.