mylotters, please tell me how to kiss....

@hahaweb (111)
January 3, 2009 1:19am CST
It's kind of embarrassed to start this discussion. But I don't know where to get tips about kissing. I love my girlfriend, but when I kissed her, she said she felt very uncomfortable, then I asked her where did I do wrong. She said she doesn't like a lot of slobber and she doesn't like I sucking her lips. I don't what to do. It is so frustrating when your lover tells you she doesn't like the way you are doing. You know this feeling, right? I just want to be perfect in her heart. Any tips for that? I will be very appreciated, my fellow mylotters.
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• India
10 Jan 09
But why do you want to be perfect in her heart? The problem lies here. See, no man is perfect so stop thinking about that.Now the answer for the next problem. If she doesn't like the way you are kissing her lips than don't worry about that. There are also other parts which can be kissed. First you try to find some private place where nobody can see you. Try to sexually arouse her by touching her boobs, then suck her nipples and then when she is aroused you can kiss her lips and I think then she will not refuse or dislike. But for all these things your girlfriend should be quite frank and receptive.
@btwmoney (111)
• United States
3 Jan 09
Maybe you can learn some techniques from those hot movies. I never has this problem, sorry I can not help.