What is the best way to get gold fast?

United States
January 3, 2009 1:46am CST
I was wondering if anyone knew any great ways to make money in runescape. please reply if you have any ways that you think are good. Please help me out here
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• Netherlands
14 Jan 09
For F2P: Get 40 crafting and mining! And go mine some gold in the crafting guild! In non crowded worlds bank at fally and then go back! With this method you can earn like 225k an hour! Because 1 gold ore is 500 gp at the moment!
@gbeast95 (505)
• United States
13 Jan 09
there is no quick way to get money fast. here are a few methods i use: -kill cockroach soldiers(they drop rune scimmies and rune sq shields rune scimmies are about 16k ea and rune sq shields are about 20k each) -woodcut for yews(with a 73 woodcut i usually have highest woodcut level in non crowded worlds and yews are about 400 ea) -fish for lobsters(i can get lobsters fairly quick and they are about 275 ea) -mine coal/gold ore/mith ore(they range from 150-550 each) and finally -make steel bars(buy coal for 200 ea and iron for 100 ea cost 500 for the matierals to make bars and steels sell for 550-650) those are a few of the methods of how i make money in f2p i have a few ways for mems idk if they still work -pick flax at gnome stronghold and home tele and spin to bow string -buy yew or magic long bow (u) and buy bowstring and string -nat/law craft -great orb project
@xjgege (110)
• United States
10 Jan 09
there is a website called http://www.thersmg.com It's REALLY useful, and it's free!
• Thailand
8 Jan 09
I got 3 idea for you 1. try fish for anything(but the more fishing skilled, the better fish, and more money you got) and collect it in you bank. when you thing it's enough, sold them. (to make even more money, cooked them before you sold them, but there is a chance of lesser supply). you'll also practice fishing skill(and cooking skilled for addition if you cook it) 2. craft rune. this is easy, you only need to have talisman(tiara), and rune. f2p only have a chance to create body rune as their highest skill, but I suggest fire rune is better for f2p money making(especially if you have explorer ring(2)). 3. this is hard one, make an armour and sold them. the beter the metal, the more gold, but it's mostly work if you sold in set only. and each metal need coal or tin (except iron, but it's only 50% chance of succeeded). your smithing need to be very high,even thought you got free armor, you need a hard practice, and the higher the metal quality, the rarer and the more coal it used.and rune can only be found in wilderness. these is a very hard way and needed effort, so try to practice more on this thing
6 Jan 09
I would like to help you but, I don't know if you are some "noob" on free or you are great member who can't get more than 200k/hour so you want advice. I will tell you how to make money on free/members if you are low leveled. On free worlds, you can kill cows near gnomecopters, store cowhides and bones(there is box for storing items) On members you can pick flax or make bowstrings from flax (or both) or you can kill desert goats (level 23) and sell their horns. I hope this helps. Happy Myloting!
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
4 Jan 09
There is no good quick way unless you've already spent the time developing your skills. If you have spent that time then you already know them. Sorry but the best advise I can give you is to work on your skills, ALL OF THEM without buying supplies. Gather supplies is often a skill unto itself. Also the people who do gather supplies ( herbs, ore , essence & such ) almost always overcharge for it. If you bought all the supplies to level your skills you'd lose a fortune.
• Canada
4 Jan 09
A great way to do this as a non-member is too gather up bones or feathers and selling them at the grand excahnge. This is a very fast way! :D
@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
4 Jan 09
there are no quick fixes for money if you are free to play, but there are a few member ways to make money, though none are really fast... you can craft laws (using assist if you don't have the lvl), pick flax (and spin too if you want to take the time), collect pure essence up, wc and sell logs, mine and sell ores. all these things make good money, but they are tedious jobs, which is why most are willing to pay for others to do them.