what is the worst thing you like about your digicam?

January 3, 2009 5:20am CST
while buying your digicam everybody must have thought about its advantages & its disadvantages.But very often we miss very important aspects like its battery durabilty or image stability ?you may come across something about your camera that you dont like,very late.what is that ?
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@Sabrie (14)
• Singapore
3 Jan 09
i own a canon powershot compact digicam, the only problem is that, everytime i go to clubs or outdoors (i would wanna take many photos with my frens), i will have to 'carry' it around, not that i'm not making sense but i just hope that digicams can be like cellphones which are super slim & light that easily slips into your pocket, probably even slimmer than your cell phone, in that way, i wouldn't be lazy to carry them around anymore and go home with zero photos.. well, as it looks bulky and "extra" sometimes, when one is dancing in the dance floor, and have to hold it or "bulk' your pockets, what if we are wearing a dress? = no pockets & have to worry where to put them or to unglamly hold it while u dance. (P.S.. some people prefer using cellphone camera but i prefer using digicams becos they produce better quality pictures).. hmm..