@suegt31 (166)
January 3, 2009 7:36am CST
Hi Mylotters, Just wondering how many people out there have heard of these berries and what they know about them? Have any of you ever used them and in what form? Did you have success losing weight with them? If any one from Australia knows anything about where to purchase these, i would love to hear from you. I have been reading about there benefits and would like to know all i can about them. I am interested in hearing anything you know about them. I have been trying to loose weight and have been struggling with it for a long time now. I have lost weight before only to gain it back again. I would also like people to share what has worked for them in fighting weight gain and loosing weight. Do you find that your self astem is very low when you are over weight? Do you feel depressed about your weight like me? Does it become a big issue in your life? Do you think about it all the time? Lets get together overweight people and loose those unwanted pounds. Together i'm sure we can do it. lets support each other. I have started to watch what i'm eating, trying to cut down potion size and eat more healthy. i currently weigh 97.5kilos. I would like to weigh about 70kilos. i intend to write a disscusion every week to let you know how i'm doing. Please comment and let me know how you are going too in the weeks to come. Good luck to us all.
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