This is for all the people Living in Asia and especially in India and Pakistan

January 3, 2009 11:18am CST
I am an Indian. I am here to talk to you all about the Indo-pak relations. From a long time there is a war like situation between these two counties,and also there are regular terrorist attacks probably in both countries. In the present time the Indian government has asked for the terrorist that were residing in Pakistan.form a long time Pakistan was refusing that they were not in Pakistan but the latest information is that they told that "We are not having any treaty with India",so that we can handover these terrorist........... The clear meaning of that is they know that all the people that were responsible for all the terrorist attack all over the world were residing there.......... My main motive of the discussion is Why not all the Pakistani people, the innocent people or we can say the common Man that suffer a lot of these situation force the Pakistan government to just finish it off means to kill of just handover all the terrorist either to India or to the America. because if war begins we are the persons, the common people have to face problems. They are the relatives or brothers,father or any other who got to be killed on the border or in the war. Have anyone of you ever heard that any politician or there family member have been killed in any of the terrorist attack because I have never heard.......... The main thing is that the politician have to do nothing with the common people they just see themselves and may be they were having links to these kind of peoples,they just want a subject to do politics to just improve there standards... I request all the Pakistani people If they want peace in both the countries just force their government to just not to give any kind of support to these terrorist.I know that this is not the business of a single persons but I also know that someone has to start someday so Why not Today....... ******************WE JUST WANT PEACE IN BOTH THE COUNTRIES***********************
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@springs (926)
• India
4 Jan 09
Your idea is correct.Common people want peace,they want to live people.Because of these terrorists they were disturbed.Pakistan should take lead and regulate these terrorists camps,then there will not be any wars or no innocents leave their lives for no reason.