Forgetting is painful

January 3, 2009 11:56am CST
Forgetting a relationship can be very painful and sometimes, we really cannot bring ourselves to forget someone. Anyone have any ideas or ways which can make us forget about someone and at the same time will not feel so hurtful?
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
my fiancee passed away last December 18,2008, the same day as she was suppose to celebrate her 24th birthday. she had leukemia for years but she didn't bother to tell anyone even her immediate family and she hadn't undergone to any chemotherapy that's why her disease worsen to the extent that even a bone marrow transplant can't guarantee if she'll going to make it or not. to tell the truth, losing then afterwards forgetting something and someone like her is like each day passes by knowing the fact that she no longer exist,inch by inch of my body is dying. how in the world could i live my life the way i live it before. we have different ways of forgetting such an event in our lives and i admit that i tried to end my life also. then soon i realize that losing someone that i loved so much doesn't mean that it's the end of my world too,my existence.
@shanemre (357)
• Saudi Arabia
3 Jan 09
Indeed, an ending relationship with someone you truly loves from the heart will never be that easy to let go. But if it's not worth fighting for anymore and if it has ended... don't settle yourself in that sadness. It's a process... I guess the first thing to do is to accept that fact that the relationship is not worth it. Don't blame yourself nor the other party for the end of the relationship. You should begin by accepting the fact that it's not meant to be. The second and the necessary way to forgetting is to stop thinking about it. If you keep on thinking about the "how it could've been if it didn't come to an end." or if you continue imagining about the "what have been there" then these will not help. Don't entertain the pain, move on... Try keeping yourself busy. Engage yourself into sports or into arts, or into something that makes you feel happy. Realize the love of the people around you. Spend time with your friends, celebrate the time you have with your family. Appreciate the presence of the people who love and accept you for who you are. Spend time for yourself, discover yourself and appreciate the person in you more. In this way, you will realize what your worth as a person is. THis can eventually make you feel better. The pain will be there... Let the tears fall, but don't keep yourself in that place. Cry to release the pain, then dry your eyes and prepare to smile, the world appreciates you. You are an incredible being, you will meet a lot of new people in the future. True love is on its way... all you really need is to wait... it will look for you. It will come at the right time... The right person will arrive soon. and then... smile... and feel good.
• India
3 Jan 09
what u said is very very correct that forgetting someone is very painful dear