Weight watcher cabbage soup diet! INFO PLEASE

January 3, 2009 12:57pm CST
Ok so i started the weight watchers cabbage soup diet. The first day is pretty easy you eat cabbage soup and lot and lots of fruit. Great i love fruit. The second day is my delima you can only eat veggies. What type of veggies can ya eat? well anything except potatoes. Has anyone beeen on this diet before and if so has it worked? How did you make veggies?
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• United States
3 Jan 09
The food choices on this diet are so limited that inadequate nutrition is inevitable. This diet is basically a modified fast, containing so few calories that you're bound to lose weight while you're on it. There is nothing magical about that cabbage soup you're going to pour into yourself. It's the low caloric content of this diet that does the trick. You might lose the 10-15 pounds the diet promises, but much of that will be primarily from fluids, not fat, and will likely return once you begin eating normally. It's a short term fix. If you're looking for long term results you should choose a healthy balanced diet and combine that with exercise. Oh..and if you stay on this diet you might want to plan on staying home...that cabbage is likely to make you reaaaaaaaly gassy! Good luck!
• Canada
3 Jan 09
Thank you for the info. I have tried eating healthy and im unable to excersise due to back and hip problems. I am hoping that with this boost start i will be able to eat more healthy i figure that if I have the willpower to do this then i can pretty much do anything. I just got to learn to stay away from chocolate! It is my weakness. hopefully that it doesnt return when I start eating normally or it will be a total waist of time. I find the good thing with me is cabbage dont give me gas as long as its cooked really well. Wish me luck!