Do all couples cheat who seperate so one can go travelling???

January 3, 2009 2:37pm CST
I am travelling right now and I am seriously shocked at some of the behaviour that carries on when people are travelling through different countries, for example I have been sharing a house with 10 others and out of the 5 who have boyfriends in their home countries, every single one of them has cheated on him, and 1 even ended it so she could start something else with her new lover. Isthis normal? When I left my country I ended it with my then boyfriend because I didn´t want to commit to being with him when I got back, so why do these girls continue their relationships, only to cheat as soon as too much drink is involved? One girl was so vocal about Í love my boyfriend, I would never cheat with another guy etc etc´after 2 days on a beach at New Year, too much beer and a hot guy she forget everything and slept with him! Also, of the couples I have known where one has gone travelling for a period of time(say morethan 3 months or so) everyone I was close to cheated on the one who was away, it just seems so depressing! Is it normal? Is it some sort of internationally understood code? Or should you just avoid being with someone until you have ´travel´out of your system?
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4 Jan 09
I guess the majority of people aren't prepared or ready to commit when they're in a long distance situation. Suddenly the person they see every day and will hold them to 'good' behavior isn't there anymore, and there are so many temptations. I was in a long distance relationship for a bit over a year, but I knew what I was getting myself into (we started dating just before he had to move for a job) now he's back in the area and we're still together because we knew what we were getting ourselves into and prepared for it. Good call on breaking things off with your boyfriend, though. Going abroad could be a changing experience, and maintaining an old relationship as a 'new' or modified person might be difficult.
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4 Jan 09
Yeah thanks for your responses guys, I am a new traveller and I feel so jaded about the behavoiur that I see every day! I guess usually people are a bit older when they commit, and I already feel like I am different than the girl who left England, so i definitely did the right thing breaking up with my ex. I know a few people(mostly guys, actually)who waited for their ´other half´ to get back from travelling and when they did, it was only to finish with them! It must feel so horrible I think to wait that long with love in your heart and get nothing!
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20 Apr 09
Do all couples cheat who separate so one can go traveling? Hello there, well I would imagine that while one is traveling it would give a person the opportunity to be able to cheat.