Mylotter's how do you call friend in your spoken language?

January 3, 2009 5:53pm CST
in my country Philippines we call "FRIEND" as "KAIBIGAN" it pronounce as "ka-i-bi-gan" or "kay-bi-gan" as street language. simple as friend but almost we use the word friend since our country's 2nd language is English. just to share.. you can share if you want it. just share as many as you want base on what you know on how to calling a friend in a different language.
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@dtp882 (111)
• United States
6 Jan 09
In Hebrew friend is Chomer [xo-mer]
@Khayam (346)
• Romania
4 Jan 09
Romanian language, tributary to its Latin origin but also to various other influences has several terms for the "friend" notion. First come PRIETEN pronounced "PREE-AE-TEN", then AMIC pronounced "AA-MEEK" - both highlighting Romanian language's Latin roots. However, Romanians also use FRATE (literal translation for Brother) pronounced "FRA-THE" in order to adress to a friend. In slang language the word TOVARAS pronounced "TO-VAR-ASH" is also used to refer to a friend.