living as a career woman

January 4, 2009 1:01am CST
I am a career woman who woks for more than 8 years. My first 4 years working in a sino-Japan company as custom service to do export, in which I accumulated experience to do export and communication with clients. Then I job-hopping to a private company as vice general manager to responsible for export, it's very successufl and 3.5 years later, I found no hope for the private company for it's untrust and shortsighted for developing, I left the company with so many roorback and set up my own company Feb.of year 2008,everthing goes smoothly and business going well till Oct. the terrible financial crisis effects my business so much, business getting down and I am even afraid of my 2 employee's salary. The earning from business these 2 months can just cover the cost of comany, so I felt so much pressure and do not know how to survive in the year 2009. Anyone who can give good suggestion will be highly appreciated.Of course, I have a happy family, husband and also a 3-year old son. working make me happy and if you have the same career with me, I'd like to share opinion with you.
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