Is 247bux a scam?

Is 247bux a scam????? - Is 247bux a scam??????
@gvaisakh (424)
January 4, 2009 3:03am CST
Hi to all........... I had been a member of 247bux till yesterday.......... I reached the first payout amount of one dollar in 247bux about a week ago............ And I requested for payout.............. I was around 3500 in the payment queue till two yesterday......... While I was surfing the ads, the 247bux suspended me for no reason.......... I contacted the admin of 247bux........... But, they did not respond........... Did anyone get payment from 247bux recently????? Did anyone had the same kind of treatment from them????????? Is 247bux a scam????????? HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY MYLOTTING!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR RESPONDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• Indonesia
4 Jan 09
dear gvaisakh, if you membership is standard, you must wait for get your money, tou have queue number right..? i've got paid 4 times from, im premium in 1st day when i can see my proof of payment at, and i posted it at the forum not scam site..they have problem with instant payment script there is still have must be patient to get your money there..thanks
• India
4 Jan 09
Hi rkbisnis... thanks to you.. because i'm looking to join in i think it's a good site... but as a standard member we will wait for payment like extra10 & earn3.. ok thanks to you..
@sunil_008 (1270)
• India
5 Jan 09
though never heard of this site before. but if they are not paying you and have also suspended you for no reason,then i suppose they are some kind of scams.
• China
5 Jan 09
hello..i am also a member of this site and requested my first payment 12 days ago. but i still in the queue of 2435, i also have found that they only pay around 5 payments a day. then . count how many days will take to get ours. worrying...
@sirrob (4112)
• Philippines
4 Jan 09
I have been paid twice already by 247bux since I joined and the last was in the second week of November and until then there have been a problem in the script and in the money processors that they have. But in fairness of the site, admin is doing everything she could to bring back the glory of the site and they have just been piled up with problems. There have been no movement in the queue since admin was out for the holiday and she just got back yesterday. If you send the admin a PM then you won't get any response at all because her inbox is full already. Try to visit the forum so you'll know everything what happened from the site. Admin and moderators are there to respond to your queries.