which brand of cell phone you use?

January 4, 2009 5:33am CST
many type of cell phones are available in the market, Most of have same features and quality. So the customer gone confused to buy any one. before some time i used motorola company's cell phone. It was good. But it had no all features which i required. Now i am using Sony Ericson cell phone. It has all latest features. Like camera , recording system, facility of GPRS, and many more. We can use memory card in this. It is very nice cell phone. It has a great outlook. It is slim. And black in color. i love it so much.....
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@lellyp (245)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 09
Same like you i like Sony Ericsson,Free memory card micro SD, very complete features for CP. Until Now SE is the best CP like i want.
@AKMEDIA2 (328)
• United States
8 Jan 09
I use a Blackberry curve. I used to use the blackberry pearl but found the curve to be much better and able to do a lot more things. I had motorola, nokia, samsung and a bunch of other phone brands before but none of their batteries last as long as blackberry it seems. In fact, I think I heard something about blackberry being used as a means for finding people in the rubble in 9-11's tragic incident.
• Indonesia
6 Jan 09
i use Nokia 3110c now. just a simple phone with camera, hotswap, GPRS, and JAVA. include bluetooth and infrared too. Nokia is the 3rd brand i've used. my 1st cellphone is Siemens,then i changed into Sony Ericcson, and now i use Nokia.
@pkc3000 (1268)
• India
6 Jan 09
Hello punmsharma I prefer to use Nokia brand cell phone as it is very reliable and user friendly . The unique quality of battery which is longer than any other model of cell phone. Nokia is world's most trusted cell phone. pkc3000
• Italy
6 Jan 09
I am using Nokia from last 5 yrs. I have changed many models of handsets but my brand is always Nokia. Currently i am using Nokia 6280 it is also a multimedia phone with camera.
@53rdcevar (102)
• Singapore
5 Jan 09
i am using the sony ericson W910i. I think that now that song ericson is put together in China, it seems like it is easier to spoil (no offence to the chinese). However, i still prefer SOny Ericson phones as the quality of their speakers are good
• Mauritius
4 Jan 09
well i always buy nokia phones as i find them interesting and easy to use although mine does not have the latest feature like wifi i still like it a lot i use mine mainly for calling, sms and music but i guess I'll replace it soon with another nokia phone which has all latest features!! but u may never know when nokia release new features sice it happens too often
• Romania
4 Jan 09
I have a Motorola and a Nokia, they are good, the battery is lasting enough and the applications are great
• Malaysia
4 Jan 09
I use samsung cell phone now. Just try other brands since I'm tired using Nokia. The functions are barely the same with Nokia phones include the text message typing where space character is 0. Although samsung phones are not popuplar as Nokia, I think it is quite tough where it can withstand many accidental fall by me.
@kriish (21)
• India
4 Jan 09
I do agree with you that because of the mobile revolution now a days, a consumer will be confused and may not be able to make a decision at a sudden. I believe in low profile mobiles as they are much more user friendly and our need for phone is to talk and communicate with others. Nokia phones are much more durable than any mobiles I have used and I am happy with the mobile I am having.