Any exercises for eyes?

January 4, 2009 10:24am CST
My friend told me to rotate the eye balls in a circular motion for 5-10 times a day, which helps to relax. Are there any other exercises for eyes which helps to get relax, improve sights?
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@rachael5760 (2700)
• Israel
7 Oct 12
Look up Dr. William Bates. He has lots of exercises for the eyes. One of the best for people who use the computer is to "palm." That is you rest your eyes, by taking off glasses or contacts, then put the palms of your eyes on your face, completely covering the eyes, and have your eyes open. If you have good eyesight, you should see black. Do this a few minutes, throughout the day when your eyes feel tired. Good luck!
• India
12 Feb 09
hi creative, I will give you the proper instructions on how to do the exercises. When you get up in the morning,after having your face wash, you just close your eyes for atleast one minute, then open your eyes and move it right to left and then up to down for some time ,then you rotate your eyes in clock-wise and also in anti-clock wise for few minutes. Other things you can do to improve your eyesight is to eat vegetables and fruits which contains vitamin 'A'. These things will definitely help you improve your eyesight. happy mylotting.