why you joined or belong to your church(religion)?

@mobhomeir (7565)
January 4, 2009 7:24pm CST
most of people when asked why you belong to this or that religion they will say "because i was born and raised with this religion." and they dont even know or understand and practice the doctrines of the church where they belong, they just follow what the elders do without knowing what its for or if it has biblical basis... me, i'm an offered member of our church, taught and believed the doctrines when i was on the right age to understand and got baptized.and to the very best that i can, i try to obey all the doctrines i received and take care of my duties in our church for i know this is the only way to my salvation come judgement day. how about you?
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• India
5 Jan 09
Hi friend, I don't care for religion. I have no religion, and I don't go to church. I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith; however, when I studied this religion in depth, I felt I could not agree with it, and therefore, it was not for me. I call myself an agnostic Pagan now, and I am quite happy about it. Cheers and happy Mylotting
• Indonesia
5 Jan 09
hey mobhomeir =) i am born n raised as a moslem, but thats not just it. i feel lucky for that, n not regret it at all, coz i believe my parents lead me to the right one for my life. n i believe in Islam as the best religion for me. its the parent's duty to teach us a religion since we're a little, n when we're mature enough to decide the rest is our decision. but for me, i will stick to Islam =) n im proud of it tho i was just born n raised with this religion.
• United States
5 Jan 09
I was born and raised as a Christian, specifically Baptist. I was baptized in the Baptist Church when I was 9 - by choice. I remember the preacher thinking I might not be ready and wanting to talk to me and ask me questions about why I felt I was called at that service to come forward. Apparently after talking with me, he felt I was sincere, and I was baptized not long after. More recently, I have come away from organized religion; in the small churches, I felt eyes on me all the time, judging me, and that, to me, was not what God had in mind for a place of worship. I have found a church or two that I do enjoy, where I don't feel judged, and I feel that anyone wanting to attend a service would be welcome, regardless of age, appearance, gender, orientation, etc - which is what I believe God intended. In many cases, I don't agree with a specific church's views on God or the Bible, or with the way they go about teaching God's word. For me, God is love; I think many churches have lost sight of this, and instead focus solely on the scary aspects of the Bible. I will not deny that God can be angry, or that He may punish a sinner in some way or another; however, He never stops loving us, and many churches don't stress that enough. However, in walking away from the church, I did not turn my back on God. I turned my back on those who I felt were using God as a means to their own ends - and that is not to say that all churches or people who attend churches are like this! Just that I have seen it many times. To make a long story short, I still consider myself a Christian, but I have reached this path on my own, and not because of how I was raised, but because of years of inner-self exploration.