Harry potter books Vs harry potter movies

January 4, 2009 11:10pm CST
Do you like the books or the movirs beter? Have you watched the movies but not read the books?why?
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@yezzyk (180)
• Netherlands
28 Jan 09
Hi siva, I like them both, but I have to admit that I like the movies very much only BECAUSE I've read the books. The books really include me in Harry's world completely. The movies are just to see how every detail of Rowlings mind has been translated to the screen. So when I watch it the second time, that's when I 'just' watch a film. Still like it very much though. I've spend hours and hours of reading the books over and over again AND watching the movies over an over again. About every 6 month I watch all Potter movies in a row. And ofcourse whenever there's a new release. I used to do that with the books aswell. Whenever there would be a new release, I'd start at book one and read all of them, so I could read the new novel.
• China
17 Jan 09
both,I think.I've seen the movies,read all the books,even the American versions. And I'm eager to see the movie of 'the deathly hallows',I do want to see Ron and Hermione's kiss,that's nice!
@xnekox (97)
• Australia
8 Jan 09
The first Harry Potter thing i came into contact with was the third book, Prisoner of Azkanban, and that was what really got me hooked, then came the first movie, it was also good. But i definitely enjoy the books better then the later movies. Because they are much more detailed, and it leaves room for imagination.
• India
6 Jan 09
i like movies more than books and i like to see things and i also hate reading books
• Philippines
6 Jan 09
i have read all the series a lot of times. but after watching the movie, i read again the book. the movies are marvelous. the portrayals are great, not to mention the good looks of the characters. but of course, the movies are subjected to a budget constraint so you cannot fully understand the content if you will not read the book. the book explains more of the characters and the stories. if you let your imaginations go wherever it went, you would appreciate the book more.
• India
6 Jan 09
I like both books and movies.But movies is visualize.Those are really marvelous stories.I heard harry potter series to be end with last series coming soon.It is really disappoint news.I like harry potter character too much.I think both books and movies are very fantastic.
@j47lee (742)
• Canada
5 Jan 09
hmm i like the books better.... they give you a greater depth of the content of the book... and lots of things are missing from the movies.. and they change alot of things in the movies.... like cho was not the one who told the secret cupboard to the professor... it was her friend.... so first read the book and then see the movie.... the book is way way better........
@jimmysun (401)
• China
5 Jan 09
Well, for me I like to watch movies rather than read books,coz I can get intensive feel from the movie and can enjoy the music which can not enjoy from reading