It there any connection between SEO and the domain name?

@iwrite (5041)
January 5, 2009 12:01am CST
Hello people, I would like to know from any expert out there who is able to help me with this question. I would like to get a new domain name for my blog and like to know is there is any relevance for choose a good domain name and how would it affect your SEO. Thanks in advance.
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@reshine (163)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 09
yes it is ... if you want your web more quickly getting top rank in search engine, you must have same domain name with your keyword target or close to it ... this is common in seo ..
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@iwrite (5041)
• Singapore
5 Jan 09
Thanks for responding reshine, Let me see if I get it right, it would make better sense to have your domain name that is similar to your keywords than it would be helpful for your SEO? lets say I am selling tiles and my key words is tiles and my domain name is selling tiles. Then it would really help? Thanks for the advice.
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
5 Jan 09
I would definitely say there is more SEO power in a domain that is named for the niche you are going for. Example: I have a garden blog that I started over a year ago but originally it was a make money online site I didn't have time for. It is doing well and took about 6 months to start earning. It started going so well that I decided to start another gardening site. The second gardening site domain I purchased with a good keyword phrase and in three months I was already where my first site took a year to get. Now I use the same content sources for both blogs and at time I even share the same post on both blogs. I just reword it a little so it's unique. At this rate my new site will out shine the old one big time and the only thing different is the domain name. The domain that is keywords is doing better than the one that isn't. So I say if you are going to get a domain be sure you get one that has your keyword phrase in it. I even use hypens between words to get the phrase I want. I have even used two hypens for a couple, like, that type of thing but with maybe three words minimum.