my hp laptop motherboard has

January 5, 2009 12:49am CST
i couldnt have expected for a worse new year morning.the first thing i wanted to do after getting up was to switch on my laptop & send wishes to all my friends & relatives.but to my dismay on switching my laptop,there was no display.i thought it might just be an one of incidence,but ii didn't start.on enquiring about the problem in the service center i found out the my motherboard has crashed & needs about $200-$300 to repair.I'm mad at it.........from where am i go in to get so much of money... ?
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• United Kingdom
30 Jan 09
Are you absolutely certain that it is the motherboard? Just a few investigating questions! How long have you had the laptop? Has there been a long period of time that you have not used the laptop? If a laptop has remained out of use for a long time then it will not boot and the battery will eventually wear out completely, just the same with a really old car I guess! In laptops there is something called the Inverter, this gives you the light and display on the screen. If this has gone then only this would need to be replaced. Here's a test that you can carry out. Do you have a desktop computer as well? Do you have a vga (video graphics array) video port on the rear of your laptop? If so then connect a working monitor with the cable to this port on your laptop and then try booting up your laptop. If you get a display on the computer monitor then this proof that there is a problem in relation to your laptop screen. If there's no display on the computer monitor then as you have said, your problem is more in depth. If there is a display on the computer monitor then it may be the case that you need to have the Inverter board replaced. This is a small board underneath the front of the laptop screen and as I said, this gives you the display on your screen. Anyway, good luck and I hope that you resolve this problem. Also, check out this website and subscribe to it,this is free. you can get free techincal advice here. You can post your problem and you will receive help of some kind. Andrew