angioplasty procedure

January 5, 2009 1:37am CST
Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope that everyone in the mylot community had a good one. i am back after so many months. i have a question to ask. does anybody know about angioplasty procedure. (coronary) my father had a heart attack before christmas. thank God that we got to the hospital in time and that he was monitored religiously. however, the doctor said that he need to go through angioplasty. although he explained the procedure, he didn't go through it thouroughly. he said that if my dad does not have this procedure, he will be bed ridden. to prove him wrong my dad is now out of bed and shaping up. he was also discharged from the hospital before new year! however, the doctor said that he still need to have it done. i researched on the net but i want to know first hand information. has anyone here had this done before. please enlighten me because not only is this very high risk, it is also so costly. thanks a lot guys
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