I have been learning to play guitar

@WebMann (4732)
January 5, 2009 3:56am CST
I have been playing guitar for a few years now and just love learning new songs but my guitar buddies are a bit lazy when it comes to learning new stuff. They kind of leave it all to me to find songs they would like and to print out the chords so they can just play it with out the time it takes to learn. I started using Youtube and listening to songs. It's so cool to be able to see someone sing and play the guitar. Much easier than just listening and trying to figure out the chords on your own. Do you friends that you get to jam with? What type of songs do you play?
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
9 Jan 09
Very cool. I too have been learning to play guitar. I am not that hot but I try hard. You Tube is awesome for watching guitar lesson videos also. I know what you mean by playing with your guitar playing friends and printing out the song and cords and they just play along with out having to learn it. Can be somewhat frustrating at times. Especially if your friend(s) are all hyped up because then they can easily take over the room and you are left unable to hear your own guitar. I like to plug the headphones into the amp myself. When I am alone. I have no one to jam with these days, since I moved away from where I used to lived, where my friends that play are. I like to play Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Elivs and a whole array of different tunes. Sometimes I like to just pick up my guitar and plunk around on it, making up my own riffs. I am working on putting some of my own songs together. Coming up with the right lyrics is tricky however. I wish you the best of success. Keep on Rockin'.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
6 Jan 09
I don't play any musical instruments but I do spend a lot of time with musician friends of mine, one of my friends is one of the most talented guitarists in Australi, I can remember someone saying he makes a guitar talk, he had been playing guitat all his life and he really is so good....I have a clip of him on youtube/bonnielbw he is actually pretty good at playing any instrument....