What happens to a people;s culture if they dump their religion???

@GAGAN187 (287)
January 5, 2009 8:38am CST
in other words ,how intrinsic is the link between religion and culture? i think religion is one of the major indicators of culture .sure there are other things that contribute to culture like language ,climate,etc but i think religion is probably the most recognizable identifier of culture. would there be as much diversity and variety in the world if it was entirely secular???
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• India
6 Jan 09
It is quite difficult for me have a clear response on this mainly coz being an Indian, I am seeing many religions and cultures around me daily. Religion definitely is an intrinsic part of our upbringing. Our food, our clothes, our names, our attitudes and values…all are a part of our religion. However, it is equally true that cultural ties go beyond religion. There are so many Indian Christians who are more comfortable in sarees than western clothes. They are also comfortable with their vernacular tongue and local food. Similarly, in regions of India which were undivided before partition, you will find people from different religious background speaking the same language, eating the same food and dressing in the same way. It’s a common culture they are sharing though the language may be different.