What is the mystery of love?

January 5, 2009 11:57am CST
What's the mystery of love and why does this happen? When you start loving someone, why do you feel yourself changing? Why do you feel different?
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@hmkoct5 (2067)
• United States
5 Jan 09
Hmmm... these are difficult questions. I believe love results when people connect on many different levels, both seen and unseen. I think we start to change somewhat because we are flooded with many different kinds of emotions all at once. We are excited, happy, scared, hopeful, etc... Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but we start to wonder if we will be enough. Love is definitely a mystery!
• India
6 Jan 09
A very good answer.
@millu4u (21)
• India
11 Jan 09
Love, a beautiful feeling is a mystery within.. When we r in love u r not u... here u think of partner,wat wud he/she likes,his tastes ,ideas etc.. Before u just used to think abt urself.When u think abt urself its natural u wont feel abt urself. its only wen start to care for others,want to spend time with them, you start doin things they like ... thats y u change.. u b like them,thats y u feel different coz u never did a thing like this before. U care for them,take notice of every liitle thing,remember every minute detail abt them.. they r entering ur life.So u change. The affection,caring nature,display of love they show U become imp to some one... thats y u feel different Fall in love once and know the mystery for urself.....
@cathya (705)
• Philippines
6 Jan 09
LOVE ITSELF IS A MYSTERY ... and the very reason why its called mystery is simply because it can't be explained by our minds.
• Indonesia
6 Jan 09
every ppl have their own answer. cause every time U love some one U will adopted her/his habit. Than U feel u'r change. For mystery only u'r heart know that.