Area 51

United States
January 5, 2009 4:40pm CST
I'm wondering if area 51 is true or is it only on sic-fic movies? Like yestarday I was see Indenpents day and they said that not even the presented knew about the area. And there was bunch of storys about that crash landing on New Mexico I thing or around there, that there aleins that land there and the govner is trying to hide it from the people saying that it was a weather ballon from mexcio. So the think I want to know if area 51 true? If it is what is in there? And why are they try to hide from us?
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@katr0713 (92)
5 Jan 09
It's real. I have a friend that was assigned there years ago, and still is not allowed to talk about it.
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@zamakh (518)
• South Korea
6 Jan 09
is that a real thing? i tought that was only on the movies. what probably that area is intended for? hmm.. i'm curious.. please give more informations.. thank you for sharing here. happy mylotting