Is one of the best game's ever for the xbox 360?

United States
January 5, 2009 5:12pm CST
i believe it is one of the best games ever created for the xbox and was wondering if i should get the 2nd one? The series is unbelievable but then there's halo which is somewhat like gears of war but is it better or worse?
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• Canada
5 Jan 09
Gears of war is a good game, but so is Halo and Fable II. I'd prefer Halo though, especially online, the story is pretty easy to beat, so if Fable II. I've never played Gears of war 2 yet, but my friend said it was really good, and he also beat it in 2 days, I think he played 24/7 Aha! I don't usually play games for that long though, probably most likely 5 hours the longest.
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@tomjoad (551)
• Philippines
13 Jul 09
gears of war! definitely one of the best games in xbox 360 if not the best. i really love playing gears of war. after classes me and my classmates would always play against each other. though most of the time i play it on the pc, i also play GOW on xbox. it's harder though because i'm not used to using the console. the keyboard and mouse is easier to manipulate. i hear that there are some devices called converters that enables you to play using a keyboard and a mouse on xbox. i think that's some sort of cheating. it's just unfair for those who solely use the console.
@Trooth (19)
• United States
7 Jun 09
well lots of my friends like it. But I prefer Halo :D
• Canada
7 Jun 09
get the new halo coming out its like halo 4 the one after halo wars its like odst or somthing
• Malaysia
3 Jun 09
I have played Gears of War 1 pc version and it is really nice. I wish Gears of War 2 will be available in PC version soon.
• United States
23 Mar 09
I'm sorry sir, but Gears of War 1 is certainly NOT one of the best games for the 360. It had the potential of being great, but it was not. I mean, first off, the physics of the game was not that great. It was clumbsy to have to climb over stuff, and roll and such, and then there's "Active reloading", which is just plain dumb. On top of that, add that the connection on Xbox Live sucked, and that the game only had like 7 weapons, and it's basically a prerequisite for a great game. I've heard just about the same for Gears 2. Also, Halo is NOTTTTT one of the best for 360. I'd say Halo 3 and Gears were about the same level, Gears 2 is probably a little better.
@vivrenpar (595)
• Canada
9 Jan 09
I've played this game and really liked it. I'll probably get the second one. You could always rent it and see if you like it.
• United States
6 Jan 09
I'm a PS3 gamer and Gears 2 makes me want to bring out the 360 again!I love the fact they added bots.