Pristiq - A new anti-depressant - Have you heard of it?

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January 5, 2009 5:34pm CST
Hello everyone, happy new year!!! My doctor just changed my anti-depressant from Effexor-XR to Pristiq. And it is awesome. First of all my understanding is that the Effexor-xr had to process into my system through the liver, therefore it took time to get there and process. Pristiq on the other hand processes immediately upon taking, so less stress on the body, and the clinical dose of Pristiq is only 50mg compared to the higher doses required with effexor-xr, BUT the very BEST aspect of Pristiq is that it doesn't stimulate the appeitte, therefore you are more likely to lose weight on it and be more able to control your weight and cravings. I have been on it now for about a month and it has been a very productive and positive experience, I have even dropped a few pounds. Pristiq was just released in May/2008 -- but if you need a good anti-depressant with very few negative side effects I suggest you speak with your Doctor about it. So have you heard of it? Tried it? Would like to hear your thoughts on it. Be blessed, be joyful -- oohcute2340
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@psspurgeon1 (1109)
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5 Jan 09
I found that effexor xr capped out with me very quickly. I am now on celexa and it seems to be doing a good job. A word of caution though: when I was in pharmacology in college they warned us that medications are still in their trial phases during the first 5 years of release. Meaning, they have been passed to use but people taking it within the first 5 years of release are being observed for the side effects and either making or breaking. They don't know everything about it and the long term side effects yet so we are essentially guinnea pigs. I am glad that you found a good one. It is so hard to control this raging monster of depression that is more prominent in some of us. I have borderline personality disorder and panic/anxiety disorder. It sucks and is no life to have to live. I wish you the best with your meds.
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6 Jan 09
Thank you psspurgeon1 for your information, I am bipolar and have been on the emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows for years, and a continuous barrage of medications to help me deal with the highs and the lows. What impresses me most about the pristiq is the fact that I only need 50mg and not the 225 that I was taking with the effexor -- I also wish you the best in your situation -- you are right it doesn't seem fair sometimes to live this way, but I am greatful that I am no longer having hospital stays etc. because of the newer meds. Take good care and may you have a peaceful and joyful year. oohcute2340