Do you believe in the death penalty?

United States
January 5, 2009 7:00pm CST
When a person commits a horrific crime like murder,sometimes they are sentenced to death. This is a hard topic for me. I believe that people who murder no matter what kind of murder(killing someone is killing someone) should be punished. People who rape and abuse children should be punished. My thinking is that is sending someone to die the right punishment? Yes they may have commited a murder,but is not putting them to death the same thing? How can a person decide the day time a person leaves this world whether is by a viloent crime of murder or a death sentence? I admit that some people deserve it well if they kill or abuse children they really deserve it,but it the death sentence make it okay?
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• Bhopal, India
29 Sep 15
Karma will take the revenge. :)