Will you think Sachin will play World Cup t his time?

January 6, 2009 3:12am CST
Hi Mylot friends!! I am Sachin Tendulkars Fan, and I hope he will play in the World Cup for sure! What is your opinion?
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@rony1masc (230)
• India
6 Jan 09
Sachin isn't going to retire just yet. He's going strong and the upcoming matches against England will give him a chance to make and break some more records as well as build on amazing statistics.He is 34 years old, so is one of the eldest in the team. Usually at this age, players do consider retirement, but it's different in Sachin's case. When he is still playing so well, there is no need to look at age. Similarly, with Dravid and Ganguly - they are of similar age, but are the backbones of the Indian team. 2011 is only 4 years away but anything can happen by then. Teams change dramatically within 4 years, in performance and in terms of who is or isn't selected. At the moment, I think Sachin will play in that World Cup, I hope so anyway. But, as much as I dread thinking about it, in 4 years time so many new players will have arrived, and selectors may overlook a 38 year old Sachin. With a player like Tendulkar, I think he and only he can decide when he should retire. But based on his impact on the sport, I think he is more than justified in staying for years to come.
• India
6 Jan 09
i am also a fan of sachin but the only way sachin cannot be selected will be when he himself say so because i get the feeling the selectors were kinda afraid resting him even for the small matches.anyway,i may be wrong but why i get the feeling that the last post by rony1masc looks like it was written in 2007 rather than on the 6th of january.i may be wrong.happy lotting.
@sajujohn (1009)
• India
14 Dec 10
Hello my friend, If such is not gonna play this world cup then who is going to play for team India.Definitely Sacin Tendulkar will play in this 2011 World Cup which is going to be held mainly in Indian sub-continent.I am sure Sachin is gonna win this world Cup for team India.I think he will be in great from in this world Cup.His only aim is win a world cup.He has said this many times also.So it is a good oppurtunity fro him to win a world cup for team India.
@bksagar (33)
• India
13 Dec 10
No question,he is dying to play world cup,thats why he took a break from less hyped newzealand series to give rest to his aging body.Kapil dev acks up sachin to play even next one in 4 years.
@Sheldon25 (193)
• Jamaica
7 Jan 09
For me Tendulkar is one of the best batsman ever played the game of cricket internationally i really admire how he bats. I personally think he should play the next world cup. I wish Lara was still playing right now. India please dont let Tendulkar go like that he has much much more to offer for the cricket world and the fans that's just my views happy mylotting thanks.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
6 Jan 09
A lot has been said on MyLot already about Sachin's career and still its not over. So, let's bring to an end this type of discussion with the Master - Sachin himself saying that he will stop playing this loved game of his as soon as his mind says no. So, Sachin is not the one who will stick up to the game in spite of his failures. He is an honest, godfearing and a true person. He will never lie. He is not like others who will say one thing and do the other. He walks his talk. So, I think, he has said before that he will play till the 2011 WC. So, let's wait and watch and hope he wins his final world cup appearance for India.
• Goa, India
6 Jan 09
i am also a fan of sachin tendulkar. but i dont think he will be able to make it to the next world cup. he is playing well now but he has passed his best day. and i think he will retire by the end of the year. but i hope he can win a world cup for india. happy mylotting!!!