If '' LOVE'' hurts...........What to do??? i need advice.......

January 6, 2009 5:53am CST
hai friends, diz is true incident..my frnd loved a girl very much.and he proposed her and she accepted..diz went for 1 year safely...den started d problems in my frnds life..his parents ego problems and clashes in family cause a lot of psychological problems to his mind...becoz he knws if his parents gonna knw about his affaire den they both will blame each other for my affaire, as dey are waiting for a reason for quarel..so he decided to keep a distance with her..(everyone will do if dey love deir parents)...but he keep in touch with her than earlier..but d girl think dat, he has stoped loving her.and at the same time another guy proposed her and she accepted... now hez totally retarded...i dont know how to keep him on real track of life.i've asked for a councling,but he is not at all willing.. .plz tell me some way that i can advice him and meke a perfect one as earlier
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