Summer or Winter vacations?

January 6, 2009 5:57am CST
which do you prefer, summer or winter vacations? I think in really cold countries winter would be preferable, while for countries and places that fall on the equator, or the hotter zones, summer vacations would be appriciated. I live i a really hot area, so the idea of sending the kids to school in the sun is frightening, so i guess it's a relief that they have summer vacations, and we can go to some hill station, to cool off. What about you?
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
7 Jan 09
in cold countries the people like to get a way for a vacation to a warm climate if they can afford it. I live in Canada and I would prefer a summer vacation or going to a summery place in the winter for my vacation.
@cndn420 (2062)
• Canada
7 Jan 09
i live in Canada and i wouldn't go on vacation in the summer because why would i be leaving hot weather for hot weather somewhere else? LOL i take my vacations in fall or winter
@JummyTao (265)
• China
6 Jan 09
There are no summer or winter vacations during my life right after graduate.But when i was a student i like both of them.In summer holidays i can swim with my friends and play ball outside,and in the winter vacation all of us just celebrate our Spring Festival. Happy holiday and happy mylotting!
@arcidy (5016)
• United States
6 Jan 09
Well I usally take my vacation around christmas except this year since where going on a cruise next week so I couldnt but I usally like to skip the week before christmas and take new years off since thats the bussiest time of the year at our store and im usally worn out at the end of the day.
• India
6 Jan 09
India is a summer country and the place where I stay has good winter conditions for max to max 2 or 3 weeks. Summer is intense and as you say, any break in the searing heat is always welcome. Schools usually have 6 weeks of summer vacations and it’s a good time for the teachers too. however, I would have liked a longer winter vacation too, instead of the short 1 week. The reason being, we are ill-equipped to handle winter. There’s no running hot water and the weather is really cold with no room heater. Even if I go for a vacation, I am not sure how well equipped the hotels would be, whether they would have adequate blankets and so on. So I really dislike winter more than summer…I am OK with summer but not with winter.