Are hand washed clothes cleaner than machine washed clothes?

January 6, 2009 11:41am CST
I find that with the foray of washing machines, most of us have stopped washing clothes with hand. Most households have washing machines and dump all their clothes into the washing machine, switch on the button and then forget. If they could help it they would ask the machine to put the clothes out in the sun to dry as well. I find that machine washed clothes do not come out as bright and clean as hand washed clothes. i always wash my under clothing by hand when I go for a bath and find that my white vest shines more than my white shirts which are washed in the washing machine. Do you wash all your clothes in the washing machine or do you hand wash a few important clothes?
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• India
7 Jan 09
I really don’t care coz its just not possibel for me to hand wash my clothes. My back would give in and I would be in bed the rest of the day. Long live my washing machine! (BTW, you may have a point there though, coz the machine washed uniformly and there are some nooks and corners which just need an extra scrub by hand)